About our Tiger Boxing

The folk history of Tiger Respect Boxing

Tiger Respect Boxing principles: Based on the fierceness and ruthlessness of the tiger. Motions are strong, powerful and destructive. To directly rip, slash, and claw. Bone, tendon and muscle strength is of the utmost importance, to be used in a relaxed yet explosive manner.

In Fujian Province is the county of Yong Tai, originally called Yongfu. This mountainous, heavily forested area is the birth place of Tiger Respect Boxing, a unique village style. It is said to be the ancestor of the Southern Guangdong styles including Chinese Hung Gar kungfu, as well as Japanese Uechi Ryu karate.

Southern Crane Kungfu’s Chief and Head Instructors as well as select students train with our Master in the capital of the same name.

About two centuries ago, Tiger Respect Boxing prospered in Yong Tai county. The founder of Tiger Respect Boxing, Grandmaster Yuan Zhu Li, taught two favourite students, also called disciples, in his later years. These two prominent figures were later known as Grandmaster DengGuang Zheng and Grandmaster ZhaoBei Li.

Grandmaster DengGuang Zheng was noted for his excellent leg techniques, while Grandmaster ZhaoBei Li made a name for himself with his claw techniques.

The legend goes that on the day that these two disciples finished their apprenticeship under Grandmaster YuanZhu Li, they were asked to do some demonstrations. Grandmaster DengGuang Zheng raised his leg and kicked a wooden post, or colonnade, that was one of many supporting the roof of the hall. Under this colonnade was a cornerstone, which Grandmaster DengGuang Zheng kicked towards. Grandmaster DengGuang Zheng’s heavy kick led moved this solid cornerstone two centimetres to the right.

Having seen this, Grandmaster DengGuang Zheng’s kungfu brother, Grandmaster ZhaoBei Li, held his hand in a tiger claw and attacked the same wooden colonnade. He gouged five one centimetre deep pits on the wooden colonnade with his fingertips.

Though these two celebrated masters have now left this world, the house they learned their art in survives and stands silently in a remote mountainous village, witnessing the changes of worldly affairs. Both the cornerstone and the five pits are well preserved and can be seen clearly today.

Our Master Lin Zhang Ying, who follows in the path of Grandmaster DengGuang Zheng, has taken us to visit the legendary site of the Grandmasters’ demonstrations. It is located in a remote mountainous village called HuKou, about 140 kilometres and four hours’ journey from Fuzhou City.

A blue tin board attached onto the entrance of the old house shows its address as Number 78, HuKou Village. The old house stands conspicuously among modern buildings. Though in poor condition, the building style and design reflect the glory of its owner in the past.

Currently, only two elderly people live there, a woman and man, yet the energy of this home’s former occupants still remains.