Frequently asked questions

Why do martial arts?

People do martial arts for various reasons. Some people train in the arts to learn to fight, others for self defence, fitness, confidence or simply because they have a passion for what they practice. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do and why.

Why do kungfu?

Kungfu was and is the original martial art. It gives you a vast array of principles and techniques to work with. To become good in anything, you need to have foundations. In true kungfu manner, you learn not only foundations at Yong Tai Tiger Respect Boxing Kungfu, but you also learn why you do foundation work. This leads you on to using kungfu in everyday life.

Kungfu teaches you to better yourself in your life outside of the Kwoon, the name we give to our training hall.

Why Tiger?

We teach Yong Tai Tiger Respect Boxing, which our instructors learn in China direct from our Master who has himself been taught by a long, distinguished lineage of Grandmasters. In China, the tiger is the king of the beasts. It has strength, courage and power. Tiger develops great overall power in the practitioner with dynamic tension, solid stances and devastating medium and short range attacks. It uses a strong but mobile walking stance and as well as strikes and swipes, designed to rip and tear the opponent apart.

Why train with this club?

What this club has to offer is a friendly atmosphere run professionally by experienced instructors. At Yong Tai Tiger Respect Boxing Kungfu we hold regular gradings, enter competitions and tournaments, and attend national and international camps and seminars.

We are a well established club with many links to other styles. We have links with other tiger styles, crane boxing, dog boxing and taichi styles.

Can anyone train?

Yes, anyone of any physical ability and of any age can train in our style of martial arts. We currently cater for five to 76 year olds, but anyone outside of those figures is more than welcome to join in! Both absolute beginners and those with experience in other martial arts are welcome and catered for.

Why should I become a member of Yong Tai Tiger Respect Boxing?

By becoming a member of this club, you are entitled to attend sparring classes, go to members-only specialist Masterclasses, start learning weapons, attend training camps in the UK and China, enter tournaments, and grade in your patterns to progress in your martial art attainment levels. You will also become part of a strong family of fellow practitioners that will be there for you, no matter what.

What is sparring about?

You do not have to attend sparring lessons, but it is encouraged as the practitioner gains a practical insight into kungfu. Sparring lessons are not always about fighting each other; sparring lessons teach the practitioner how to use their patterns and what they have learnt in class, plus more. Additionally, sparring lessons include weapons training, from swords to staffs and water carriers.

Are kids classes available?

Yes, they are. We run two classes per week specifically for children from around five years old up to the age of around 13. Students are taught the principles of kungfu, focusing on strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and self discipline, and light sparring to teach them to apply their techniques. See the timetables here.

Is private tuition available?

Private one on one or small group classes are available outside of regular classes. These classes and Masterclasses can help to advance students that are focusing on a particular area of interest in their study of martial arts, to work on areas for improvement, as as specific courses. Students approaching a grading or tournament may also find these classes of importance. They are also useful for people wishing to increase their fitness with a personal training workout.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are competitive: “We are not here to empty your pockets, we are here to teach traditional martial arts” – Darren Trottman. Please call for further information, see contact details.