Training Children in the Art of Tiger

Making children active and confident for life

Harnessing the energy of your child and channelling it is a challenge for all parents. Yet one way of succeeding in making a child a stronger person, both mentally and physically, is through training in kungfu.

Kungfu as a physical activity is enjoyable in itself, and can lead to the establishment of a lasting, active lifestyle. Being involved in an enjoyable, exciting form of physical activity is vital in producing not only a healthy body, but a healthy mind; maintaining physical health is important to the mental and emotional well being of a child, and children develop a lasting sense of achievement and satisfaction from achieving a physical challenge.

Stay active!

Kungfu is great fun and is an ideal way of getting kids active and giving them a focus in life. Physically, children develop strong bodies that will act as a basis for them to grow well, while also increasing general fitness, coordination and suppleness.

Learning kungfu makes children more confident, but teaches them to be humble enough to know their limits, and disciplined enough to control themselves. Kungfu encourages discipline and respect in students, but in a different way from how they are taught at school; in the kungfu class it is the child’s choice to learn, so while there are rules, by coming to lessons students actively participate in teaching themselves.

All ages

Students as young as five or six years old are not expected to achieve perfection in martial arts as they are too young to understand the finer details of movement. However, they have fun, stay fit, socialise with other children and learn to take instruction, control themselves mentally, and increase physical coordination. The older our young Tigers are, the more of the intricacies of kungfu they understand, yet we teach all of our students all aspects of our Tiger Respect Boxing, with more detail given to older students who are able to use that information in their training.

At Yong Tai Tiger Respect Boxing Kungfu we offer two children’s classes each week. The children class on Monday evenings is for older children and those with more experience in the style from around eight years old to early teens, while younger children as well as older ones are taught on Thursday evenings. Children from 12 years old are also welcome in our adult classes, providing a great opportunity for parents and kids to train together in something that will benefit the whole family.

Please check Kids Class timetable for info.